Judgeology Research Institute

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'Judgeology’ – The study of judging

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MAY 16, 2015
Blue Pants Brewery
Wing Festival

Judgeology Research Institute (JRI) uses quantifiable measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of competitive judging

JRI intent is to provide scoring techniques that assist judges in their evaluations and to provide competitors detailed information on what they are doing well and were they need to improve. JRI accomplishes this by identifying distinguishing factors and establishing criteria for those factors.
JRI's evaluation of competitive judging started with BBQ competitions, but is not limited to just BBQ, JRI is evaluating other judging practices such as other food type competitions, dance competitions and even science fair competitions. JRI has organized the competitions for BBQ, Sausage, Chicken Wings, Sauces, and People's Choice. If you have a need or desire for JRI to evaluate a competitive event please contact them. If you have ideas how to make competitive judging better, no mater what the event is, let us know.